Image from page 72 of “Practical electro-therapeutics and X-ray therapy : with chapters on phototherapy, X-ray in eye surgery, X-ray in dentistry, and medico-legal aspect of the X-ray” (1912)

Check out these electro discharge machining pictures:

Image from page 72 of “Sensible electro-therapeutics and X-ray therapy : with chapters on phototherapy, X-ray in eye surgery, X-ray in dentistry, and medico-legal aspect of the X-ray” (1912)

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Identifier: practicalelectro00mart
Title: Sensible electro-therapeutics and X-ray therapy : with chapters on phototherapy, X-ray in eye surgery, X-ray in dentistry, and medico-legal aspect of the X-ray
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Martin, James Madison, 1866-1947
Subjects: Electrotherapeutics X-rays Diagnosis, Radioscopic Eye Electric Stimulation Therapy X-Ray Therapy Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedures
Publisher: St. Louis : C.V. Mosby

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ent of a sedative nature isrequired—the relief of acute congestion, inflammation, discomfort, andan increase of nutrition. The second is indicated in low chronicconditions, where the vital resistance is beneath typical, includingseveral forms of nervous and skin diseases. The third, or higher ELECTROSTATICS 69 vacuum tube, combines the destructive effects of the x-ray with theactive stimulating effects of the Tesla currents, and may be mosteffectively utilised in the therapy of the different types of malig-nant disease. The vacuum electrodes might be utilised with the staticmachine as nicely as with the induction coil. They may possibly be connecteddirectly with the prime conductor by indicates of a wire or chain, orsome kind of resonator or coil could be utilized to increase the fre-quency. When the electrodes are connected directly with theprime conductor of the static machine, it would be known as a low-frequency modality. Even though comparatively higher, it would be lowindeed when compared with the discharge from the Oudin reso-

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Fig. 37.—Autoconduction cage. nator. The technic for the therapeutic application of vacuumtube modalities will be totally dealt with beneath the correct heading. The autoconduction cage (Fig. 37) is made in many types,only one particular of which is shown here. The patient is permitted to reclineupon a couch that is surrounded by a huge coil of wire or solenoid.This solenoid acts as an immense electromagnet, passing lines offorce by means of the sufferers physique from the south to the north pole,however producing no appreciable sensation what ever in the patient. The author is not quite favorably impressed with this methodof treatment, and will devote extremely tiny space to it. Where thismodality could be employed, the author would advise the autocon-densation couch as being far superior in every specific. CHAPTER V. CONTROLLING AND MEASURING APPARATUS. With no precise approaches of controlling and measuring the differ-ent electric currents, we would be unable to use them as therapeuticmeasures with any degree of c

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