How Do You Drive a Human Powered Sub? With a 3D Printed Propellor

ready to print

Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro
Large size | Original uploaded size | My portfolio

This is a Makerbot Industries CupCake CNC open source 3D printer, being demoed at Codebits 2009 by the AltLab crew.

Rapid prototyping machines such as these have existed for some time, but they were the domain of big corporations. Now, any enthusiast can build one to have at home! The future is going to be very interesting.

How Do You Drive a Human Powered Sub? With a 3D Printed Propellor
“We held an open house at Burton Precision for GR Makers in Grand Rapids which is an open community lab that incorporates elements of a machine shop, a workshop and a design studio. Members there work on projects that range from the industrial to the …

Human Powered Submarine Requires 3D Printed Propeller
Specifically, the team was having difficulty with the conversion of a point cloud file to one that they could use to direct the cutter path on a CNC China machine. Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 3.27.17 PM Coincidentally, the brother of a team member was …

Energica Ego is a two-wheeled electric rocket with a 000 price tag
CRP Group is a conglomerate of companies mostly focused around the interests of computerized creation — 3D printing, CNC machining China, and so forth. Experts in the area of precision rapid manufacturing China, their products have found uses in Formula One, …
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