Cool Prototype Machining China images

Check out these prototype machining images:

M1919 Machine China Gun

Image by Âtin
The M1919 is a great addition to the BA historical line. It has the same back peg as the Minigun to allow for easy carrying and also sports a new attachment for a base that allows it to swivel up and down and from side to side. One problem that I have encountered though is the slot for tabbed items is either to small or has a bit of excess plastic in it which blocks tabbed items from fitting correctly.

BrickArms Voigt-Kampf machine prototype

Image by Dunechaser
Full write-up on The Brothers Brick to follow shortly.

Protei-001 on Lake Pontchartrain

Image by
by Open_Sailing, Cesar Harada

thanks to LA Bucket Brigade
And Suzette Toledano Becker
with the support of V2_


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