Lastest Machining China Suppliers News

Beyond the Hype: The Industrial Challenges for 3-D Printing
For the past few years, using a machine the unit purchase price of which is dropping constantly, say 1000 US dollars, you can buy an efficient personal 3-D printer and start home-printing things like toys, spare parts, weapon parts, tools, jewellery …
Read more on The Epoch Times

GE brings the 'Internet of Things' to the factory floor
GE is also trying to realize chief executive Jeff Immelt's vision of the “brilliant factory”: a dynamic system in which machine parts constantly relay information to operators, who can schedule maintenance before equipment fails, all the while …
Read more on Washington Post

Okuma and Boeing to present discussion and demonstration of STEP-NC ISO
The Organization for Machine China Automation and Control (OMAC) helps manufacturers work together to find new and innovative ways to be successful in their production operations. OMAC brings together leading manufacturers representing End-User …
Read more on The Edwardsville Intelligencer

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