Cool Online Machining China images

Check out these online machining images:

“Mint” Slot Machine China, Candy Vendor

Image by cobalt123
This is a detail of an antique slot machine for sale at the Riverside Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. This version of a gambling machine is the type that tries to get around anti-gambling laws by "dispensing" prizes, in this case rolls of mints. The three rolls of mints I could see are: "Strike Three", "Mens", and "Pioneer" in flavors of peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon. See the next image just previous to this one for another detail view, the other knob to extract the winning prize roll of mints

In searching online for more information about antique slot machines, the following links make for interesting reading:

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Database of slot machines, arcade, and vending machines:

How Slot Machine Chinas Work: Tips, Myths, Etc.

Grungy Green Metal

Image by GrungeTextures
Closeup of grungy green metal.

This texture is provided free of charge under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License with the condition that a credit (printed use) or a hyperlink (online use) is made to Thanks!

Have you created artwork using this texture? Post it in the Grunge Textures Showcase flickr group. We’d love to see your work.


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