Customized cold forging CNC Machining China Part made in Malaysia.

Customized cold forging CNC Machining China Part made in Malaysia.

Since1975, our company has been specializing in manufacturing forged and CNC mechanical metal parts. We currently supplies to numerous markets including: Light and Electronic metal parts, Automobile industry, loudspeaker metal parts, motors parts and many additional related industries. We have been providing our products to our customers worldwide, including North American, Europe, Southeast Asia , etc. 

  Parts are Cold-forged and Head-Formed on our forging presses ranging from 110 to 1000 tons capacity. We operate our own sawing facility and affiliated machine and die shop for all our tooling requirements. We offers 100% on time delivery and 0- PPM rejection rates and will develop a plan for specifically providing your company with on time deliveries.

We do our best to satisfy our customers not only in the quality of our products, but also in our service. So far, we set factories in  Taiwan and Malaysia to promote technology for customers’ products more precision. We will continue our efforts because customers’ complete satisfaction is our priority.

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Produce Capabilities :

Automotive components & motors parts including steering mechanism parts, drive shaft parts, transmission parts, brake system parts, knuckles, shock absorber parts, connecting rods, bottom brackets, suspension system parts.
Motorcycle parts, including handle bases, triangular upper mounts, starter bars, drive gears, transmission parts.
General industrial applications forging, cold forging, cold forming and turning China parts
Multi-forming process products, and heading parts with precision machining
Cold Forged – autmotive components & motors parts
Various thread forming and tapping machining
Cutting Example of Cold Forged Parts
Precision NC Auto Lathe China Work
Shafts & special-headed parts
Headed rivet, axle and pins
Screw machined products China
Engineering components
Special bolt and loctite
Custom fasteners
Tubular parts


Advantages of forging, cold forging and cold forming :

High precision and accurate shape
Excellent surface quality
Improved mechanical characteristics
Considerable reduction of material
Limited machining time


Production Range :

Up to 150mm Outside diameters
Up to 100mm in length
Specialize in extruded shafts
Thread rolling range: Up to 50mm Outside diameters


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