Aluminum Metalworking Fluids

Aluminum Metalworking Fluids
"Formulating high-quality aluminum machining coolants is particularly difficult because you are balancing biostability, or bioresistance, with the propensity of these fluids to stain aluminum," Fanning explains. …. To arrive at an answer, Quaker …
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Amrok custom dedicated milling fixtures
Rockford, Illinois – Weir Minerals North America, a Madison, Wis., manufacturer of large pumps for mining slurry applications, needed large 108" x 108” pump housing Class 40 iron castings machined, including milling China, drilling, and boring. Each pump …
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Sciaky Inc provides 3D printing to aerospace giant
Sciaky Inc, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI) and a provider of large-scale additive manufacturing China solutions, has received a purchase order from a major aerospace parts maker to provide an electron beam additive manufacturing China (EBAM) system.
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