'Made in USA' label maker now made in Lee County

'Made in USA' label maker now made in Lee County
A collar to lock it into the machine, which customers with other Polygon Solutions products will already own, costs about $ 750. Bagwell said many manufacturers are bringing production back to the U.S. from overseas, known as “reshoring,” and they want …
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Programs look to fill skills gap
Its evolution has taken note of the superior popularity of advanced manufacturing China courses, such as precision machining, welding, robotics, megatronics and manufacturing China technician certification. It became evident … Costs for classes range from $ 35 to …
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Giant Dipper turns 90
An individual wheel for a coaster car costs about $ 1,500 for custom casting, hardening and machining, Walters says. And when the 52-foot-long leather drive belt needs replacement, the company will have to search out a qualified leathersmith. "This belt …
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