Blast at China Car-Parts Supplier Kills at Least 68

Way to the future right now

Image by aurelio.asiain
Much more better at a close approach: the unfinished National Grand Theater of China, in Beijing, next to the Great Hall of the People. With 150,000 square meters floor area, it was supposed to be finished and ready to have performances by 2005, but the construction is still going on. (This is part of a growing set, try running the slideshow first.)

Blast at China Car-Parts Supplier Kills at Least 68
China's official news agency Xinhua identified the plant owner as Zhongrong Metal Production Co. and said five executives have been detained for questioning. Among them is Wu Ji-Tao, according to China Central Television. Mr. Wu, who couldn't be …
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Zhongrong Metal Parts Factory Explosion: How Does It Affect General Motors In
But blame for Saturday's factory explosion in Kunshan City, China, isn't likely to be laid at GM's doorstep. The issue underscores not only GM's relationship with its massive web of partners and suppliers in the world's largest auto market but also …
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