Lastest Impeller Machining China News


Image by Siemens PLM Software
NX Turbomachinery Milling China offers a set of automated, context-specific functions that simplifies the generation of smart tool paths for these types of parts

The challenge: Tall and super-tall buildings: HVAC
Fans (and their cousins, the pumps) have become more efficient but mostly by closer machining of certain parts. For example, you can hear a pump impeller scratch its casing upon start-up until it wears a little and fits tighter. Pump casings are pretty …
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Oil Mist Collector Needs No Filter
An impeller uses centrifugal force to separate particulates from the air. Available in four models, the collector is designed for a range of air volumes, velocities and applications with machining centers, lathes and multitasking machines. The …
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Productivity Increases Foster Profitable Growth
GF Machining China Solutions increased its bookings by 2%, 5% in local currencies, mainly on account of a rebound in Europe and a steady order intake in China. First half-year sales lagged somewhat behind orders as large contracts will be delivered in the …
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