Art That's in the Hands of the Buyer

Art That's in the Hands of the Buyer
Then he became a machine, mass-producing pieces and mass-distributing ideas, which triggered its own set of questions about where in fact art derives its value — in the mind of the creator or on the canvas owned by the collector — and whether that …
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Chinese couple abducted, home razed; case points to weak rule of law
Forced demolitions have been a contentious issue in China for years, but Zhang's ordeal – which made headlines nationwide this week – was a fresh reminder that, despite much rhetoric by Chinese leaders on strengthening rule of law, it remains difficult …
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'38 things you never knew about Syracuse': True or false?
The Cathedral Candle Co. is on Kirkpatrick Street; Crouse-Hinds, now a division of Eaton Corp., is on Wolf Street; and the list also originally named Syracuse China — closed in 2009 — as a company still "going strong." 17. Skaneateles Lake supplies …
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