Cool Industrial Machining China Services images

A few nice industrial machining China services images I found:

SR MN 4-6-2 35009 ‘Shaw Savill’ frames & cylinder, Swindon Rail Works 1.12.1994 Scans106

Image by Gillett’s Crossing
SR MN 4-6-2 35009 ‘Shaw Savill’ frames & cylinder at former Swindon Rail Works. Built Eastleigh Works and to service July 1942 as 21C9, renumbered 35009 August 1949. Rebuilt 1957 with streamline casing removed, chain valve gear replaced with Walschaerts etc. Withdrawn September 1964, arrived Barry scrap yard December 1964. Purchased for the Brighton Works Project and moved to Brighton in February 1989. Stored at the Swindon Works site in the open until 2003 when it was purchased by Ian Riley and moved to Bury.

By late 2009 35009 lay dismantled at Buckley Wells shed in Bury. Ian Riley had previously offered the locomotive for sale, but it failed to attract a buyer. Riley since [2012] said he will take 35009 on as a mainline restoration project and that it will be outshopped in BR blue livery. The bogies and pony truck were moved into the works in 2010. However, the locomotive is listed for sale on the website of Riley & Son (E) Ltd.

Ahead of the locomotive is the western wall of ‘R’ shop, created by roofing over in1865 and 1872 the courtyard to the west of the original engine house. To the left can be seen the gable end of the 1846 machine and fitting shop. These buildings are now part of STEAM Museum of the Great Western Railway.

[Sources: ;… ; ; The Barry List, 9th edition]

Camera Olympus OM10, scanned from 35mm slide.


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