Cool Electrochemical Machining China images

A few nice electrochemical machining images I found:

Rusty wheels (explore)

Image by marco75 –
Dust and Silence | Facebook
Abandoned Electrochemical Plant.

Image from page 189 of “Electrochemical and metallurgical industry” (1905)

Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: electrochemicalm3190unse
Title: Electrochemical and metallurgical industry
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Subjects: Electrochemistry Chemistry, Technical Metallurgy
Publisher: New York : [Electrochemical Pub. Co.]

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Text Appearing Before Image:
I Co/vriAfi/ousL) jgr cup SiEi^AToH To sroP/{q£ \ FIG. 8.—electrostatic SEP.\R.\T()R etc. The machine is chieflysections, and is really twoside or connected in tandem, to fill narrow space. ELECTROCHEMICAL AND ^tETALLITRGICAL INDUSTRY. [Vol. III. No. s- The si/0 of the machine is 12 feet liy 12 feet hv 7 feet (willian elevator 5 feel luRher, or 12 feet over all). The voltage re(|iiire<l is 350,000, and is furnished hy a specialinduction machine. The leakage is considerable, hut the totalpower expandetl per machine is only i horse-power. Most i)f tlic electrostatic separators now in practical useare used for separating pyrite or niarcasiic from zinc hleiide.This is done without roasting. Ndt oidy does the process remove the iron minerals fr(»mzinc bleixle, hut also lead, copper .lud other impurities. This

Text Appearing After Image:
FK;. g.—K.XTERN.M, VIEW OF ELECTROSTATK OKESElAK.VTOR. means that when complex sulphide ores are conceutratetl onjigs or tallies as a preliminary step to separating the middling-,it is not necessary to make a low-grade lead concentrate,carrying a high percentage of zinc and iron, in order to get a l AiuJ-; II Description Pro-ducts %Zinc. iJSd. Irmi. kcmurks Uadville. Col..Zinc middlin((SWilfli-y talJes Orig.Iron.Zinc. 30.489.0451.20 3.218.000.ti2 21.6035.11li.40 (20 mesh. (Combinrdf iron 4.87%)* ^ii|Jin. Mo.,/inr middlingsfriim ji(Cs Orig.Iron.Zinc. 49.532.92li2.31 2.529.92trace 10 7 ,s37.441.57 1 10 mesh. Lead pricf liially all removed ncnton. WLs..Zinc middlindsfrom jigs Orig.Iron.Zinc. 29.156.0758.40 5.168.400.23 20.9038.882.16 6 mesh. Iron sold (o^ acid burners Silvrrton. Col.,Zinc middlingsWilflcy tallies Orig.Iron.Zinc. 23.129.0449.73 8.0015.5)i2.0H 23Ji730.35 |24 mesh.» Idaho lead andzinc. laUeCuocrnt rales f)rig.Lead.Zinc 25.874.4545.11 20.4050.5X3>l 12.0216 147.40 IHigh

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.


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