Cool Precise Machining China images

Check out these precise machining China images:

my first computer

Image by jurvetson
My Dad just scanned these old photos from the 70’s, back when floppy discs were actually floppy and televisions were embedded in wood like furniture. I was such an Apple fanboy… I clearly couldn’t get enough of those stickers.

This powerful tool was something my father never had growing up. But during the 70’s, he manufactured memories, and I remember plugging in banks of his chips to boost the programming capacity of my precious Apple ][ from 16K to 48K (which I used up with my Adventure game written in BASIC).

Seeing this time capsule brings back many fond memories and reminds me that each generation provides more compute resources to the next.

While the generations are bound to the metronome of biology, the power of our cognitive prostheses grows exponentially.

Slow Time in Wrist Watch on Dry Leaf

Image by
Free picture of an elegant, Swiss wrist watch from Japan. Universal Time is the official measurement of change. The clock is personal for every woman. This personal change is different for every woman, tree, planet, star and galaxy. The watch on a dry leaf represents decay, change and the transience of everything. There is no eternal stability, even the change is not stable, because every galaxy has it’s own entropy, speeds and measurements.

This picture was created by my reliable friend and can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

Time can be used as replacement for money, if two women agree to exchange time credits for services or goods. Teenagers stopped using analog wrist watches around the disruptive year of 2001, because they started using beautiful mobile phones to look up the current times and entertainment trends.

There are over 56 different time zones on earth. Funny countries love to shift their clocks from winter to summer time, on the last Sunday of March, because there is more sunshine hours in the summer. This funny joke was invented long hours ago, when radical men did not have enough electricity and no practical LED lights in their village huts. They tried to save candles by shifting their clocks, instead of changing schedules. The problem with this is that the natural body clock and the natural seasonal differences in the northern regions were not considered important in that age of radical change. So every half a year, modern women in the north have to suffer for a week to overcome the sudden disruption of sleep, waking up and going to bed. Children and old people suffer the most from the shifting of the clocks.

After the shifting, the official seconds of the GMT time are less precise and more prone to errors than the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) seconds. The UTC can be used to coordinate the global countdown on the new years eve. It is also possible to experience a repetitive new years eve every hour by flying in a fast rocket time machine, that is flying through global time zones around the earth. The rocket can fly into the future or the past, but only within 12 hours of an earth day. The same traveling rocket can not be twice in the same space-time of earth.

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