Dutch medical machines around 1946

A few nice medical machining images I found:

Dutch medical machines around 1946

Image by koopmanrob


Image by Randy Cox
Our son was born with a coarctation of his aorta, which required surgery when he was 13 days old. It was a sudden thing for us. Jen was taking him to his first doctor’s well-visit, and less than 24 hours later he was in the operating room, having the narrow part of his aorta snipped out, and the loose ends reconnected. Now he’s two-and-a-half years old and aside from the one-inch scar on his back, there’s no way anyone would know that there was ever anything wrong with him.

This photo was taken the night before his surgery, hooked up to the respirator, various monitors, and other assorted machines.

There’s more photos of him on Jen’s Flickr photostream.

creepy mystery medical device/1

Image by jay d
this wierd console thing has frightened me every time i’ve been in to see the otorhinolaryngologist; since today was my last visit, i had to immortalize it in pixels.


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