Disabled Seattle war veteran evicted from childhood home

Disabled Seattle war veteran evicted from childhood home
 Like many persons who took advantage of the run-up in mortgage prices during the early 2000's, he used his home like it was an ATM machine.  Like a … What irks me is banks get bailed out, but the little guy gets to go and screw himself. We need …
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Lesson learned in Tuesday's primary: Change is hard
"After 22 years, he has a machine. He knows how to win," Dent told me recently, still disappointed at his loss to an incumbent who pretty much refused to debate or elaborate on any substantive issues during the campaign. "He refused to run on his …
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7 Reasons Not to Freak Out About Protestant Mainline Decline
My friend and I continued to discuss the problem via the electronic mail machine. But the upshot of the conversation … I know that sounds kind of harsh, but you don't get to have it both ways: Good = God; Bad = our screw up. 4. The church is a tool …
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