Annoying vending machine

A few nice machining costs images I found:

Annoying vending machine

Image by Chris Devers
Uploaded by Eye-Fi.

Miller Beer Brewery Tour – Bottling

Image by Al_HikesAZ
We visited relatives in Mequon and Milwaukee Wisconsin and spent a day at some of the tourist destinations.

Miller Brewery Factory Tour
Visitor Center, 4251 West State Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208

From the Miller Beer website:
"In 1855, German immigrant Fredrick Miller purchased the Plank Road Brewery. Surrounded by woods, the small brewing operation was no bigger than a Victorian house. Today, a replica of the Plank Road Brewery is just one of the historic highlights in Milwaukee’s Miller Valley—the home of the nation’s second largest brewer, Miller Brewing Company.

Walk outdoors and upstairs to Miller’s packaging-center balcony. A blur of cans roars along conveyor belts that wind through wet machinery, packing up to 200,000 cases of beer daily.

The next stop is Miller’s mammoth distribution center that covers the equivalent of five football fields. Typically, you can see half a million cases of beer.

In the brew house, Miller makes its beer, up to 8.5 million barrels annually in Milwaukee alone. Climb 56 stairs to look down on a row of towering, shiny brew kettles where “wort,” a grain extract, is boiled and combined with hops. Stroll through Miller’s historic Caves, a restored portion of the original brewery where beer was stored before the invention of mechanical refrigeration.

Finish your tour at the Bavarian-style Miller Inn and sample a Miller beer or soft drink. Be sure also to take a few minutes to inspect the impressive collection of antique steins. In the summer, you can enjoy your beverage in an adjoining beer garden enlivened by music.

Cost: Free
Freebies: Beer (for those 21 years of age and older with proper ID), soda, peanuts, and postcards (Miller will cover postage to any world destination).
Video/DVD Shown: 15-minute video shows brewing process and overview of Miller’s history, information about their present operation, and the future of the company.
Miller Brewing Company merged with Coors Brewing Company on July 1, 2008, to become MillerCoors.

33/365 I want Peanuts (DSCF7503)

Image by ppdiaporama
Today’s picture … and it didn’t even cost me 25c to take it!

La photo du jour … et je n’ai même pas eu à insérer 25c!


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