Can You Stop The Machine China – London Eye

A few nice china machining images I found:

Can You Stop The Machine China – London Eye

Image by Sprengben [why not get a friend]
“To infinity and beyond” – This quote of Toy Story always comes in my mind when I create photos like this. By using exposure times longer than 15 seconds you always get some special effects which you cannot see with you eyes.
Maybe that’s why a lot of my photos use the technique.

Thanks for all the nice words to my Times Square shot. I try to bring out more shots this month. Always connected to the time I find on working with the whole photography thing. If you like spread the word about the shots or reblog it somewhere.

I created a Tumblr account. If you have one add me, you’ll find me under

So far I wish a great next week in your Jobs, Schools, Universities, and also to those who have holidays! 🙂 Cheers to you!


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