Nice Machining China Steel photos

A few nice machining steel images I found:

Hob Area

Image by Majjie
This shows a steel and glass chimney hood (by Elica) which is much less overpowering in a small room than some of the all steel ones. The furniture is painted but with oak trim. On the left is a built-in coffee machine.


Image by AMagill
I went for a bike ride through north Boulder on Saturday.. and I came across this steam shovel just rusting away on a set of long-abandoned railroad tracks next to the road. It was dated 1896, and it was full of all these wonderful iron gears other mechanical parts. I only had my compact camera with me at the time.. I think I may have to go again with my 40D and a tripod soon.

Also, I’m trying out Dynamic Photo HDR for the first time with this. I’m not exactly blown away by it, but there’s some very nice improvements over Photomatix- more advanced alignment, and especially how fast it updates the preview when you twiddle the knobs. I still want to try out a couple other programs, though.
Don’t be surprised if this picture changes once or twice. Especially with HDR, I can’t seem to tell if I’ve made it look cool or awful until the day after I’ve uploaded. Did I make it too dark? I’ve got plenty of dynamic range to play with if I wanted it lighter, but I thought a shadowy look would be good for this.

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