Nissan plant cuts energy costs by 3M kilowatt-hours annually

Nissan plant cuts energy costs by 3M kilowatt-hours annually
TVA's Major Industrial Program, in partnership with DREMC, reimbursed 70 percent of the $ 296,000 project cost to reduce the electricity consumed at the Decherd plant annually by three million kilowatt-hours. This was accomplished by installing new …
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You Are Here
That definition separates a direct metal laser sintering machine, for example, from a low-cost desktop 3D printer—even though both are “additive” and both have a place in “manufacturing.” The only thing uniting these two machine types is digital …
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Volkswagen mechatronics grads get diplomas
Using their hands as much as their minds, students learn the ins and outs of mechanical and automated systems, electricity, electronics and machining. Students' cost for the Volkswagen Academy is minimal because they're paid about $ 30,000 during four …
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