Area firms find clients around the world

Area firms find clients around the world
“Metals are melted down and poured into molds to make customer specific parts.” AMT produces ferrous and non-ferrous metal and metal alloy precision investment castings in Sharon Springs. The parts accommodate the needs in the aircraft, aerospace and …
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Success Stories
In addition to having a scientific precision, it would also have a clear destiny: the destruction of capitalism followed by the uniting of the world's workers. … Yet the story is a complicated one, and this part of the book flails around a lot …
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Obama needs to tread carefully over ISIS crisis in Iraq
… remarkable restraint and unprecedented precision. Yet, like in the Vietnam War, the succession of tactical battlefield successes is today largely irrelevant. The aftermath of the Arab Spring across many parts of the Middle East does not fill one …
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What the future of air travel looks like
The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China is entering this market in coming years with made-in-China competitors to Boeing and Airbus, along with regional jets in Bombardier's sector. Pressures to further reduce global carbon … The Trent's 18,000 …
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