Cool Rapid Machining China images

A few nice rapid machining images I found:

A machine made at IUT Le Mans to slice and perforate/punch 120 film to make 126/110 film- 126 replica cartridge

Image by fklv (Obsolete hipster)
On top of that, a 126 replica cartridge made by rapid prototyping China, which can be opened and closed at will, without breaking it, and some fine 110/126 cameras for good measure, as well as some 126 and 110 films and cartridges for reference.

The main body of the perforator/slicer was made on a numerical milling machine, and the bits to perforate the film were made by acid etching.

The plans and the machine were made by three students of IUT Le Mans (GMP) and a teacher, following one of my suggestions for a student project.

I still have to try the machine (in a darkroom of course) and maybe add some black tape at the back and around the 126 cartridge. Then, to try and take some pictures…

Contact me for more details.


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