Lastest Online Machining China News

IMTS 2014 Conference: Demystifying 5-Axis Machining
Manufacturers adopt 5-axis machining for different business reasons. Sometimes there is no other way to manufacture a part. Other times, 5-axis is implemented to gain a competitive advantage to 3-axis only programming. Next, once a manufacturer decides …
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HMC Delivers Turning China, Drilling, Milling with Single Clamping
The Heckert DBF 630 HMC, available from Starrag, enables turning, drilling and milling of non-rotational, asymmetrical parts in a single clamping with one toolholder. The machine provides accuracies to 5 microns while also offering high torque ranging …
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Machines Offer Parallel Kinematics for Aluminum Components
Dörries Scharmann Technology (DST), a subsidiary of Starrag Group, extends its Ecospeed range of parallel kinematics machines for productive machining of aluminum structural components in the aerospace industry. All machines in the series feature …
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