Lastest Aluminium Cnc Machining China News

ViVo Aluminium Tablet Wireless Charging Dock (video)
Vivo starts out life as a raw piece of aerospace grade aluminum. We then transport our raw materials to our ISO9000 approved milling house where ViVo begins to take shape. ViVo aluminum is inspected for quality,cut to size, and prepped for CNC machining China.
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Benoît Malta's Passive Behaviours furniture
Made in collaboration with cabinet-makers and craftsmen, the chair's seat is shaped using a three-axis Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine. The back is vacuum-formed from laminated beech and the other parts are shaped by … An aluminium …
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CrankPump hits Kickstarter
The unit, which was created by ex-Formula 1 designer Damon Millar, is made from CNC-machined, anodised aluminium with a tempered steel cartridge piercer. CrankPump also features integrated, patent pending tyre levers, which the company says 'unzips' …


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