Nice Custom Machining China Service photos

Check out these custom machining China service images:

Soviet Armor Forged in the Arsenal of Democracy

Image by Dunechaser
American M3 Scout Car (aka "White Armored Car") and M3 Halftrack in Soviet service via the Lend-Lease Program.

Custom elements:
* Soviet flag by Cape Madness
* Ushanka hats by BrickArms (red star versions printed by Citizen Brick)
* PPSh-41, DP-28, M1919 Browning, other custom weapons, and weapons crate by BrickArms
* Pilotka (side cap) by HAZEL

(Rebuilt the front of the M3 Halftrack to match the newly designed front of the M3 Scout Car.)

Read the full write-up on The Brothers Brick.

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