Nice Machining China Acrylic photos

Check out these machining acrylic images:

Underground (painting) and Mine (poem)

Image by faith goble
Explore March 22, 2008. Number 178, Gems roots, invertebrates . . whatever one might find under the earth. Acrylic on canvas, approximately 9 x11 inch painting


Mine . . .
Buried deep,
A forgotten wound
Carved into the scarred clay.

Mine . . .
To sustain
The hills of tailings as they
Rise in ranks
By the deserted railhead
While the dusty tipple towers
With looming shoulders
Over the patient tracks
In their barren, stony bed,
Bowered with bouquets
Of goldenrod
And the plush purple glory
Of ironweed,
Festooned by the wind
With the floozy trash
Of vending machines.

Mine . . .
Are memories.

taken from Elementa (Loosey Goosey Press, 2008) by Faith Goble

You can read Luan Gaines’ review of Elementa at
and an interview at

Stripped Wire

Image by oomlout
An example stripped wire from our Automatic Wire Cutting China and Stripping machine:
(the machine )

Wondering What its birth looked like?
Check out a video of it in action here:

Wish to make your own?
Details can be found here:

Care to check out more delightfully fun open source projects:

Maturation Machine China

Image by Todd Berman
sold, collaborative with Mr. Roman’s 11th grade classes, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 30" x 36", 2011 ::

All money from sale will go to the class of 2012 at Galileo Academy for the students who created it. This painting comes with a users manual that describes the function of each machine component.

This machine transforms children into adults. Each student invented a component of the machine representing a system of society.

See for more information.


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