Coating Solutions

Coating Solutions
Any machine with movable parts requires the extra assistance of coating solutions. Coating solutions could involve a variety of metals, ceramics, or thermal sprays, and are used to protect the machine’s parts from wearing out prematurely. The science involved in the this industry can be very complex, requiring teams of chemical analysts and other experts.

Usually it will require some kind of alloy. Carbides and oxides are especially useful because they offer additional durability and resistance to chemical corrosion. Aluminum oxide, chromium oxide, and tungsten carbide are used quite frequently, but a plethora of other alloys can be used. Ceramics also provide these types of solutions depending on the situational circumstances. Each material provides a different degree of hardness or chemical resistance, and by increasing one factor, it may decrease another. This is why it must be discussed with teams of experts who perform any number of on-site analyses.

A new category of coating solutions has recently surfaced in the market. This type of coating solutions involves the use of thermal sprays. Thermal spray coating solutions might use the traditional carbides, oxides, other alloys, or ceramics, but can also make use of plastics and composites. Traditional types of methods still work best in certain situations, but thermal sprays are quick and efficient, especially when working with large structures.

Many industries rely on the various methods of solutions. The agricultural industry is an excellent example. Farmers depend upon the massive farm machinery to keep them in business, and they cannot afford to have that machinery under-performing or breaking down year after year. Plus, farm machinery must be able to work in freezing temperatures to prepare the ground in time for spring planting, and be able to withstand the mid-July heat. Proper coating solutions can protect the machinery from extreme temperatures, friction, even delay normal wear and tear.

The oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical suppliers, aerospace technology, and food processing and preparation also depend upon these types of solutions to keep their machinery running efficiently.

Without the help offered by the coatings, many industries would spend millions of dollars replacing machines and machine parts more frequently. Then the machinery would either have to be broken down and recycled, requiring more time, money, and energy. Unfortunately a lot of machinery would also end up in landfills. Therefore it offers a great service to many industries, the consumer, and the environment at the same time.

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