Good Cost Of Cnc Machining images

Verify out these price of cnc machining pictures:

ShapeOko: Drawing on paper

Image by Myles!
ShapeOko is a low-price CNC machine that I just completed developing. These are the benefits of my tweaking parameters and property locations for the test print.


Image by clarksworth
Custom-made helmet for a quick film.

The helmet is primarily based on the old brass Mk 2 diving gear, but with a modern day/alien twist. The style of the piece is inspired by peak sci-fi films such as Alien, Star Wars and Blade Runner – function prior to type.

The helmet was produced from 2 stock acryillic hemispheres, with a sheet styrene building on the back. Detailing was with different model kit components, sillicone glue and standard electronics, along with stock plastic fittings from special effects suppliers EMA Model Supplies. The &quotgun&quot was created overnight from what ever leftover stock I had to hand, which involves PVC pipe and a quantity of other prop components (the tip is the nosecone from Derek Medding’s Thunderbird 1). The faceplate with the many lenses was inspired by the Bolex cameras we employed to use at uni. Idea to final construction was about six days, with some overnight periods. The building strategy wasn’t my preferred a single – with far more cash, CNC machining and fibreglass casting would have produced the approach much easier, but that would have quadroupled the price of the costume.

The helmet’s design was a key element of the cinematography of the piece – it is not only highly reflective and full of surface detail, but it also has two forward LED spotlamps that illumunate the scenery around it. My function in this film – largely as production designer and camera op – was to ensure that the art path truly was an integral component of the film, and not just an afterthought.

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