Cool Machining Tungsten images

Some cool machining tungsten images:

The old Singer

Image by polapix
Hilba 4×5 camera, Symmar 180mm F/5,6, 1/2 s, Tungsten light.
Polacolor 59 4×5&quot sheet film exp. JUL 2000 (Yay it nonetheless operates!)

I discovered this sewing machine in the garbage in the early 1990s.
It has been functioning properly ever since then.
When I required to replace the rubber ring of the spooler I went to they Singer shop and they had one. This machine is about 90 years old.
It needs no electrical energy and sews through up to six layers of denim with out complaining.
I’ve learned what I know about sewing because of this machine.

Serial Quantity is Y805212 so it was built in Clydebank, Scotland in 1923

Two sheets of 59 left. Looking forward to New55 film.
If only there was New59 too.


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