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San Francisco – Alcatraz: Cellhouse – Escape from Alcatraz – vent

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Frank Lee Morris and brothers Clarence and John Anglin attempted one of the most intricate escapes from Alcatraz prison on June 11, 1962. Over a period of months, the 3 inmates chiseled through the moisture damaged concrete with metal spoons soldered with silver from a dime and an electric drill improvised from a stolen vacuum cleaner motor to enlarge the wall vents in their cells. After the 9:35pm cell count, they climbed inside an unguarded three-foot wide utility corridor behind Cell Block &quotB&quot to the roof, and scrambled more than the perimeter wall to the water’s edge exactly where they attempted escape on a raft created of the prison’s normal situation raincoats and get in touch with cement. To avoid detection, they left very carefully produced papier-mâché heads of themselves, produced of soap, cement and scraps of hair from the barbershop, in their bunks. Although they had been never heard of once again, it was lengthy believed that they drowned in the bay. In the initial season of tv system, Mythbusters, the feasibility of escaping Alcatraz on a makeshift raft was tested and judged to be possible. Uncovered official records later showed a raft, with footprints major away, was discovered on Angel Island and reports of a stolen automobile had been made in the region that night.

The major cell residence on Alcatraz Island was the biggest steel-reinforced concrete building in the planet when it was constructed in 1912. Made to hold up to 600 prisoners, it was the brainchild and pride of Main Reuben B. Turner, building engineer and very first commandant of the military. Central steam heat, skylights and electricity contributed to its reputation as a model, contemporary, facility.

Like any other structure on the island, building presented challenges. Material and equipment had to be shipped in on barges. Mixing cement, the main developing element, required fresh water not naturally obtainable on the land. Labor was largely offered by unskilled inmates.

Like prisons inside a prison, four cost-free standing cellblocks stood within the cellhouse so that no cell adjoined an outside wall or ceiling that a prisoner may well tunnel via. Prior to it assumed its function as a maximum-security lockup, tool-proof bars replaced the flat, soft-steel barriers of the military prison and gun galleries have been constructed at either end of the two principal cell blocks.

Alcatraz Island, a 22-acre island located 1.5 miles offshore in San Francisco Bay, has served as a lighthouse, a military fortification, and a prison. In 1972, the island often referred to as The Rock, became a national recreation area operated by the National Park Service as portion of the Golden Gate National Recreation Location (GGNRA) and is at present open to tours.

The island was initial discovered in 1775 by Spaniard Juan Manuel de Ayala, who charted the bay and named it &quotLa Isla de los Alcatraces,&quot or &quotThe Island of the Pelicans.&quot The island’s earliest recorded owner is Julian Workman was the island’s earliest recorded owner, offered it by Mexican governor Pio Pico in 1846 to develop a lighthouse. Following the acquisition of California in 1848, the United States fortified the island for positioning of coastal batteries. When the civil War broke out in 1861, the island mounted 85 cannons (increased to 105 by 1866) and served as the San Francisco Arsenal. Alcatraz never fired its guns but was utilized to imprison Confederate sympathizers. In 1867, a brick jailhouse was built and in 1868, Alcatraz was designated a long-term detention facility for military prisoners–a function it prominently played for the duration of the Spanish-American War.

After the 1906 Earthquake, civilian prisoners have been transferred to Alcatraz, and the facilities had been gradually expanded at the beginning of the century. Construction on Main Reuben Turner’s enormous concrete main cell block was completed in 1912. The Fortress was deactivated as a military prison in 1933 and transferred to the Division of Justice, becoming a Federal Bureau of Prisons federal prison the following year. During its 29 years of operation, the penitentiary claimed no prisoners had ever effectively escaped–36 prisoners were involved in 14 attempts 23 had been caught, six had been shot and killed, and 3 were lost at sea and never ever located. Alcatraz held such notable criminals as Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud (greater identified as the &quotBirdman of Alcatraz&quot), George &quotMachine Gun&quot Kelly, James &quotWhitey&quot Bulger, and Alvin &quotCreepy Karpis&quot Karpowicz (who served much more time at Alcatraz than any other inmate).

Far a lot more pricey to operate than other prisons, Alcatraz was closed on March 21, 1963 by Lawyer Basic Robert F. Kennedy. From 1969-1971, the island was occupied by a multi-tribal group of Native Americans, culminating in the Trail of Broken Treaties.

National Register #76000209 (1976)


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A snow clearing engine parked along the rail tracks in Banff.


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