Cool Grinding Solutions pictures

Some cool grinding solutions pictures:

In honor of the 3rd hurricane to maybe hit Houston in 2008 my girlfriend has this friendly PSA: “Fill your gas tanks! Go barefoot if you must. Sacrifice your children and dogs. Whatever it takes!”

Image by colorblindPICASO
Seriously, every single time we get a hurricane warning I get this strange feeling the art will have to come off the walls… have any of you Observed OUR WALLS?!?

Also, this photo reminds me of all the paparazzi photographs of Brittney Spears walking about a gas station barefoot a few years ago. What was all that about? It is a pretty frequent web site on interstate highway stations. A dirty public bathroom even though barefoot might be a various story even though…

One final thing, see that smile on her face? Yes… to those that have asked. She DOES smile from time to time.=)

A Trailhead

Image by IceNineJon
This is the trailhead for one particular of the a lot of hikes in Muir Woods. Sadly, I didn’t have adequate time and the ground was incredibly muddy so I wasn’t able to adhere to this trail but I want to return some day and check it out!

I’d been to Muir Woods numerous occasions in my childhood but the final time I was there I cannot recall. I was inspired to return after watching the Ken Burns series The National Parks: America’s Very best Concept on PBS.

Muir Woods, is the nation’s sixth national monument but the first that was designed from private land (the land was donated by William Kent). The woods are property to Coast Redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) which can grow to over 370 feet tall and 26 feet in diameter.

I believe Muir Woods is 1 of the most lovely locations on Earth. If you happen to be ever in the San Francisco Bay Location, I highly encourage you to check out it. You won’t be disappointed.


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