Exelis adds 5axis CNC machining capability

Exelis adds fiveaxis CNC machining capability
Exelis (Rochester, N.Y., USA) announced on Oct. 15 the addition of a 5-axis CNC machining center to its precision structures enterprise. The massive (15 by 20 by 5 ft) DMS (Colorado Springs, Colo., USA) machining center significantly increases the size of …
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Business streamlines operation with automated fiveaxis machining cell
Abipa not too long ago streamlined its operation with a new automated 5-axis machining cell it purchased to adapt to industry pricing realities and consumer expectations for a low-price content material strategy. It is now …. not only the installation of the equipment …
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Aiming indigenous engines for space missions: ISRO
The main facilities planned at this upcoming ICEM unit consist of rotary vacuum brazing facility, machineries for sheet metal forming, CNC machines (mainly 5 axis) for complicated geometry machining, tungsten inert gas/metal inert gas welding, the heat …
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