Nice Swiss Precision Machining photos

A handful of good swiss precision machining images I located:

£1 insides

Image by mjtmail (tiggy)
i got this small beauty on flea bay for a quid! wonderful worth, the winder is missing but the mechanism is (as far as I can tell) totally working :-)

swiss created, excellently machined, precision work and only £1!

Typewriter Day 2011

Image by Frank DeFreitas
June 23, is typewriter day. Right here I am with my beloved Hermes 2000. This machine was found at a flea industry, in what I contact &quottime capsule condition&quot, at a price of . The best word that I could use to describe it is &quotprecision&quot: like a fine swiss timepiece movement. Satisfied Typewriter Day (and thanks to &quotCheryl&quot and the rest of the on-line typosphere for all the clatter). Type on, my brothers and sisters.


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