Geek Group gets $50000 grant for CNC training from Gene Haas Foundation

Geek Group gets 000 grant for CNC coaching from Gene Haas Foundation
In 2013, the Gene Haas Foundation donated state-of-the-art CNC machinery and $ 50,000 in funding to assist the Geek Group in opening their machine shop. Because opening, the Geek Group&#39s machine shop has had much more than 100 customers. Users have included&nbsp…
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New CNC milling and drilling machine expands machining services
Mr Eric Bartels, Plate Service Centers&#39 improvement manager at Outokumpu stated that “In line with client demand, with this new machine we wanted to expand our service supplying as nicely as enhance our production flexibility for machined components. We can …
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Grant fuels The Geek Group&#39s CNC programming
The grant will fund the expansion of The Geek Group&#39s CNC educational programming at Leonard Street Labs and has currently led to the improvement of a ten-week course introducing folks to the approach of designing and machining their personal parts.
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