Cool Plastic Machining Firm pictures

Check out these plastic machining organization pictures:

Art Deco Bakelite and Catalin Objects

Image by Artdecodude
Here’s an assortment of a variety of bakelite and catalin objects from my Art Deco collection, circa 1930’s. Both bakelite and catalin have been types of new age plastics utilized throughout the Machine Age era. Catalin has a diverse manufacturing approach than bakelite and could be dyed bright colors and marbled.

Shown right here is a Taylor Stormguide in the center, which measures temperature and humidity. The bright red and butterscotch catalin combination is extremely rare.

The half-round, bright red vanity box with brass knobs and feet is also really rare and was manufactured by the General Electric Business. This box is generally observed with a black base and a variety of colored lids (such as the similar green lidded vanity box in the back).

The black, circular box in the back has a very streamlined look. It was created by the American Insulator Corporation, and employed either as a cigarette or jewelry box.

The arching, molded green and black bakelite box in the front is American made and most most likely manufactured by Lady Lillian as a nail polish holder.

The marbled, caramel catalin box in the back is an ingenious cigarette holder. It has a chrome stepped lid and base, and the interior mechanism holds and displays cigarettes in a fanned design when open.

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