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Organic Landscape

Image by Wasfi Akab
I went to the future in a time machine. I saw a lovely landscape, a quite familiar one particular. I painted it and came back.

Watercolor on paper, 2007
(19 x 28.4 cm / 7.five x 11.2 in)

Basketball and Puppy

Image by Wootang01

We’re driving towards the orphanage. The highway is lonely, save for a couple of languid trucks ambling along. It is damp also, and a thick fog covers the countryside: a single light right here or there offers the only hint of civilization amidst the interminable verdure. Inside the van, the smoke of cigarettes past wafts in the air, lingering like a lost soul. I inhale, and quickly cough. I subsequently open the window to the enveloping darkness outdoors, so slightly as to not disturb my companions in the back. The roar of the road echoes in my ears.

An unexpected wrench was thrown into our travel plans nowadays. The trip began expediently sufficient as the bus on which Candy and I rode reached the Shenzhen airport with hours to spare even so, the unscheduled hiccups soon followed. We received an announcement more than the public address technique notifying us of a flight delay, due to a mysterious military maneuver, we deduced, higher in the Shenzhen skies. Many more sonorous reminders came in punctual succession more than the next six hours. It seemed as though we would be stuck, stranded actually, at the airport forever, or for the day at least. Fortunately, right after the police arrested some of the much more aggrieved passengers, we ultimately boarded the plane and took off for central China. We were blessed to be on our way at last, none of us possessing blown a gasket for the duration of the afternoon tedium.

1 much more pitch black road awaited, down a single lonely lane lined with swarthy trees, standing as even though sentries, and at length we arrived at the orphanage. The car stopped in a clearing, and we stepped out, onto a cement lot with soft puddles spread silently beneath our feet. We squinted into the twilight, our eyes attempting to make sense of the surroundings. Our bags had been unloaded, we produced our way to the rooms, and quickly sufficient fell asleep. I think we all enjoyed the repose, rendered specifically comfy by the new guest rooms in which we were staying.


We have only been right here for barely 24 hours, however it feels as even though we have been right here for a lot longer, as if time at some point in our journey decided to slow itself to a crawl. Perhaps it was due to the fact of the litany of activities that we packed into the span of several hours, or maybe it was the lack of worldly distractions, permitting us to focus solely on our mission, that caused us to suspend the hands of that imaginary clock in our mind. What ever the case, we’ve enjoyed every single minute at the orphanage it is time undoubtedly well spent in service!

Morning call was at six:20 and soon after a prayer meeting we went down to ultimately visit the youngsters. They have been playing on the vast driveway of the orphanage, savoring their moment of freedom just before breakfast. To see so a lot of friendly faces, in spite of their precarious physical and filial circumstance was undoubtedly encouraging. I produced a multitude of new close friends and did my ideal throughout the day to influence these kids with joy, honesty and patience. It is a effective cocktail which brings adore immediately to a lot of.

The food at the orphanage is without having processing, as all-natural as victuals can be in these days of impersonal industrial production. Large chunks of mantou, steaming bowls of soupy congee, and salty vegetables with slivers of meat have characterized our meals. It is the kind of humble stuff that lengthens life spans, and disciplines the palate.

We presented a wide variety of activities – structured and unstructured entire class and little group – to the youngsters, in the hope that we would manage them as significantly as amuse. In the morning, as although breaking the ice after had been not adequate, we ran by way of a series of dizzying, if not at occasions entirely incoherent, activities developed to familiarize our dispositions to each other. Later, we established a makeshift enjoyable fair, at which we ushered the youngsters to rooms filled with (board) games, and puzzles, and other, a lot more colorful activities such as face painting and balloon making. The youngsters could not at length include their enthusiasm, busting into and out of rooms with impunity, soaking in the rapturous atmosphere. In the afternoon, our team attempted to tire them out: running topped the agenda, and by leaps and bounds, the activities, no matter whether simple relays or schoolyard classics like duck duck goose and red light, green light, certainly started to tucker our charges out. We, too, were quite beat by the time night started to creep over the horizon!


Yesterday evening, we shocked the students with a musical performance, followed by forty minutes of bubble-blowing madness to be sure, the students could not appreciate our somewhat correct rendition of Incredible Grace so significantly as the innocent madness of dipping one’s hands in a solution of dish detergent and corn syrup and then whispering a bubble to life and indeed, the moment the Disney branded bubble-generating machines churned the first batch of bubbles into the air, with significantly rapidity weaving their frenetic pattern of exciting, chaos erupted in the space. The students stormed the soap basin, and nearly overwhelmed my teammates who valiantly held the Snitch and Pooh high above the heads of the clamoring children.

In the course of the evening’s festivities, I grew progressively ill, until at last I dashed out of the space to sneeze. Outside, in the cool of the evening, beneath a cloud of stars beaming so far away in the deep of space, I exploded in a rancor of sneezing. The match lasted for five minutes, an inexorable depression in my program which sent both my physique and my esteem tumbling down. I felt bad, not only for my exceedingly rickety well being, but for my teammates and the children who could have been exposed to my sickness as it incubated within me additionally, absolutely everyone in the classroom was saying goodbye and all I could do was rid myself of a sniffle here and there, in amongst rounds of bursting from nostrils and sinuses. I was impotent, as although 1 of my insignificant droplets on the floor!


We are in a vehicle heading towards a famous historical website in Henan. The driver’s drawl slips gradually from his mouth, and what he says resonates intelligibly in our ears. Candy, Tanya and the driver are discussing Chinese mythology, and history, which, for far better or for worse look to be inextricably intertwined. We narrowly just now missed hitting an idle biker in the middle of the road in dodging our human obstacle, the vehicle swerved into the oncoming targeted traffic, sending us flying inside the cabin. Reciting a verse from a worship song calmed our frazzled nerves.

How to describe the young children? A lot of of them smiled freely, and have been so polite when greeted that undoubtedly they had been educated effectively at some point in the tumult of their life education. Precociousness was also a common characteristic shared by the youngsters, whose stunted bodies belied the mature, perspicacious thoughts hiding just underneath the skin. Of course, in our time with each other we had been much more merry than significant, that quality being very best left for the adults working silently in their rooms and to that effect, the little ones brought out their funny bones and jangled them in the air to stir up the excitement and to destroy by a jocular clamor any hint of a dull moment – we really laughed a lot. At last, despite the fact that not all of them seemed interested in our staged activities – rather than feign enthusiasm and eagerness, some skipped our events altogether – those who did participate, most of them in truth, enjoyed themselves with abandon, assisting to produce that delightful atmosphere exactly where the many sounds of elation reign.

Of the students whom I had the opportunity to know personally, numerous still stick out in my mind, not the least for my having christened a handful of of them with English names! David was bold, and courageous, prepared to soothe crying babes as much as reprimand them when their capricious actions led them astray he had a caring heart not unlike a shepherd who tends to his young charges. Edward, who at 13 was the very same age as David, undoubtedly grew emotionally, not to mention physically attached to me. He was by my side for considerably of the weekend, grabbing onto my hand and not letting go, to the point exactly where I in my arrogance would detach my fingers inside his, ever so slightly, as if to suggest that a second a lot more would lead to a clean break – I know now that with the cruel hands of time motoring away for the duration of the mission, I should not have lapsed into such an independent, selfish state he must have been my son. An additional kid who became so attached to the team as to intimate annoyance was the boy we deemed John’s son, simply because the boy, it seemed, had handcuffed himself to our teammate, and would only free himself to trigger insidious mischief, which would invariably outcome in an explosion of hysterics, his eyes bursting with tears and his mouth, as wide as canyon, unleashing a sonorous wail when anything went wrong. On the other hand, Alice remained in the distance, content material to smile and shyly wave her hand at our team even though hiding behind her sisters. And final but not least, of our valuable goonies, Sunny undoubtedly was the photographer extraordinaire, usually in charge of the school’s camera, snapping away liberally, by no means permitting any passing moment to escape his shot.

That I discovered on this trip so significantly about my teammates verily surprised me, as I believed the relationships that we had established were already mature, not hiding any new bump, any sharp edge to surprise us from our friendly stupor. So, think about myself delightfully amazed at how a few slight alterations in the character mix can bring out the very best, the most creative and the strangest in the group dynamic: admittedly, Candy and Tanya have been the perfect foils for John, they eliciting the most humorous observations and reactions from my property church leader, they expertly constructing a depth of character that even final week, in the wake of the Guangdong biking trip, I in no way knew existed! Most of all, I am glad to have been a part of such a harmonious fellowship, for the truth that we could prayer collectively as one particular, and encourage every other also, and all the far more as we saw the day approaching.

“不明飛行物體降落中國 UFO Landed in China” / 寧 Serenity / SML.20130320.7D.35743

Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
A bizarre triangular configuration landed in Tolo Harbour tonight. I saw it in the dark and had no thought what it was, so I mounted the camera on a tripod and did a long exposure to see if I can make out what it is, but I cannot.

And this is what the “Bulb” mode is for. To do it though you require to use the Canon TC-80N3 timer remote handle. Yes, you can do it by hand but if you do bulb by hand then you danger vibrating the capture.

Once more, you see the lens flair sparkles, yes? These are final results of tiny aperture captures. To do photography properly you do need to have to know how the machines function and how to obtain every thing you need. And so you learn by attempting new factors. Do things manually. Almost everything is manual here: exposure, ISO, focus (when it is dark like this you can’t rely on something automatic). And when you do issues manually it is always so much more exciting!

# SML Data
+ Date: 2013-03-20 23:18:15 GMT+0800
+ Dimensions: 5153 x 3435
+ Exposure: 60. sec at f/8.
+ Focal Length: 70 mm
+ ISO: 100
+ Flash: Did not fire
+ Camera: Canon EOS 7D
+ Lens: Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L USM
+ Accessories: Canon TC-80N3, tripod
+ GPS: 22°25’9&quot N 114°13’23&quot E
+ Altitude: 153.9 m
+ Location: SML Universe HKG
+ Serial: SML.20130320.7D.35743
+ Workflow: Lightroom 4
+ Series: 寧 Serenity, 自然 Nature, 山水 Landscape, 長時間曝光 Extended Exposure

“不明飛行物體降落中國 UFO Landed in China” / 寧 Serenity / SML.20130320.7D.35743
/ #寧 #Serenity #SMLSerenity #自然 #Nature #山水 #Landscape #長時間曝光 #LongExposure #CCBY #SMLPhotography #SMLUniverse #SMLProjects
/ #中國 #中国 #China #香港 #HongKong #攝影 #摄影 #photography #夜 #Night #城市 #Urban #UFO

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