Cool Machining photos

Check out these machining photos:

Automatic Automaton Machine.

Image by Si-MOCs

Step proper up and get the Automaton army of your dreams!

For just 5 Million quantloos you can get this marvellous wonder of technology! Your really personal automated automaton machine! Watch as the machine creates robot soon after robot right after robot for your globe conquering pleasure!

But that’s not all! Every single automated automaton machine comes with its extremely personal set of LGM technicians! Along with their wonderful slave drivers to keep them functioning for you for hours!

But wait! There’s much more! Purchase now and receive not a single! But TWO hover lift transports! They are the LGM choice on just in time components delivery!

Act now! Operators are standing by.

Brought to you by Mom co.

Sausage machine

Image by clement127
This is the new automatic sausage machine! Straight place your pig on the conveyor belt and you get delicious cooked meats.


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