Linear Motor Stage

Linear Motor Stage
High-precision roller bearings, precision-machined surfaces and noncontact direct-drive linear motors driving through the axes' centers of stiffness result in a positioning stage with straightness to ±0.5 μm and flatness to ±1.25 μm. The stages enable …

It's time to get real about 3-D printing
The company uses a fused deposition modeling machine that works for prototyping — the Dimension 1200es by Stratasys, and an SLA machine that can print out various parts — the Envisiontec Ultra. … “With 3-D printing, you can have extreme precision.”.
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PowerPhotonic develops optics for ELI high-power laser
… are manufactured using PowerPhotonic's direct write laser micro-machining technology, have been in development for the last five years at the company's base in Dalgety Bay, Scotland. The optical design provides precise beam shaping in an ultra …


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