Cool Metal Fabrication Service photos

A handful of nice metal fabrication service images I discovered:

Conant Metal & Light – Halloween Rhino

Image by origamidon
270 Pine St, Burlington, Vermont USA • As Conant Metal &amp Light, Inc., our mission is &quotTo be recognized nationally as a inventive force operating wonders with metal and light&quot and you play an important role in helping us fulfill this mission. … Conant Custom Brass was founded in 1979 by Stephen Conant, then a 23-year-old kid with a passion for metalwork and a college degree to back it up. From a small brick garage illuminated by two fluorescent shop lights, Steve soon established a reputation as a preeminent craftsman with a knack for restoration and custom metalwork. … Now that kid is 50 years old, and the one-man shop he established has grown to occupy 12,000 square feet, employ 11 talented and committed workers, and house a store complete of treasures, like hundreds of lights, old and new.

These days Conant Metal &amp Light Inc. is recognized internationally by architects, designers, and discriminating buyers as a inventive force working wonders with metal and light. We give a total line of metal-related solutions, like antique restoration and repair and the fabrication of custom hardware and light fixtures. The scale of our work ranges from a single-of-a-sort pieces to production runs of any number. – From their web site.

Southern Equipment

Image by Muzik Hounds
1980’s manufacturer of kitchen equipment


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