Laser Cutting Method

Laser Cutting Technique
It incorporates a unique water jet-guided laser technology that generates a cylindrical laser beam within a hair-thin water jet, resulting in perfectly parallel walls, tight kerf widths, smooth cutting surfaces and sharp edges, all with out micro cracks …
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Compact laser-microjet cutting technique with up to 5 axes
Lausanne, Switzerland – Officials from Synova, a provider of advanced laser cutting solutions, are launching the company&#39s new LCS 50 machine, created for machining diamond tools, medical elements, watch elements, and other tiny workpieces.
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Selecting the proper pulse in laser micromachining
In comparison with traditional fabrication methods such as milling, turning and grinding, laser machining makes it possible for for a a lot higher removal precision. But precision isn&#39t the only concern in fabrication processes – economic feasibility also plays a …
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