Nice Ultrasonic Machining photographs

A few nice ultrasonic machining photos I identified:

1975: And the Alterations To Come

Image by dbostrom
Wash Dishes Ultrasonically. Higher frequency sound waves energize the water to wash the dishes in this ultrasonic dishwasher. A device called a transducer produces the high frequency sound waves (about 20,000 cycles per minute), pitched so higher they can not be heard by the human ear. Ultrasonic washers are more efficient than current kinds they scour with no scratching, take away baked-on matter readily, and wash significantly more quickly than any kind now in basic use. The very same principle of ultrasonic cleaning will be applied to washing machines within another decade.

from 1975: And the Changes To Come by Arnold B. Barach

Robot Uprising has Begun

Image by jurvetson
When the LEGO Mindstorms Robot all of a sudden goes insane, you know the excellent robot uprising has begun.

A young boy was reprogramming his Scorpion Bot to “sting when something approaches close sufficient to the ultrasonic sensor, and it says great morning when the light comes on and puts on a happy face, and when you turn the light off, it puts zzz’s all over the screen and says good night and snores.”

Lo and behold, there is an insane object in the machine, one thing deep in the LEGO code base that he uncovered.

Ultrasonic Machine——-four-27-60 caption: Ultrasonic Machine, Overall view with operator

Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
PictionID:42186162 – Title:Ultrasonic Machine——-4-27-60 caption: Ultrasonic Machine, General view with operator – Catalog:14_002071 – Filename:14_002071.tif – – – – Image from the Convair/General Dynamics Astronautics Atlas Adverse Collection—Please Tag these images so that the info can be permanently stored with the digital file.—Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum


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