High-End Industry Application of Magnesium Oxide

High-Finish Market Application of Magnesium Oxide

With the diversification of product function, demands and development of functional materials in high-new technology marketplace, Hebei Meishen Chemical Technologies Group Co.,Ltd researches and produces a series of higher-finish magnesia items, which primarily utilised for advanced lubricant, high-alkali-tanning market, meals industry, pharmaceutical industry, silicon steel market, advanced electromagnetic, high purity magnesium oxide market, and other nearly ten varieties.

Lube grade magnesium oxide

The applications: In the process of machining, it mainly utilized as cleaner, the vanadium inhibitor agent, desulfurizing agent, which greatly increase the density and rheology properties of lubricating films, and decreased the ash content. The removal of lead and mercury is to lessen oil pollution on the environment. The surface-treated magnesium oxide also can be employed as complexing agent, chelating agents in the refining process, which can improve the good quality far more conducive. Especially in heavy oil combustion, adding magnesium oxide can eliminate vanadium acid harm in furnace.

Sophisticated electromagnetic grade magnesium oxide

The applications: paramagnetic magnetic materials, magnetic bar antenna, frequency modulation components of the magnetic core. Instead of ferrite. It can be utilised in the production of composite superconducting magnetic material, also employed in the electronic magnetic industry as “soft magnetic materials “. Even it is also the raw best components for industrial enamel and ceramic.

“XINGMEI” is the brand of pharmaceutical grade products created by Hebei Meishen Chemical Technology Group, which is in the committed pharmaceutical sector. Our product had passed the GMP authority market certification, the execute common is CP2010 edition of Chinese pharmacopoeia. GMP pharmaceutical production enterprises should have good production equipment, reasonable production procedure, perfect high quality management and strict inspection technique, and guarantee the quality of the final solution meets regulatory specifications.

The appearance is white very easily powder, it can be employed to neutralize alkaline and boost magnesium content, and it also is employed as antacid and pouring agent in medicine, mainly utilised to treat hyperacidity, stomach and duodenal ulcer disease, etc. Another application is utilized in healthcare rubber stopper industries, under standard circumstances, either light or active magnesium oxide can be mixed into production.
In terms of export enterprise, Hebei Meishen Chemical Technology Group had overcame several difficulties in dealing with the formalities, now we can service a lot of abroad demanders, to meet their production specifications greatly.

Hebei Meishen Chemical Technology Group supply a variety of industries devoted magnesium oxide, can realize the specific functions of different industries. Concentrate on magnesium industry for decades, think we are far more skilled!

Hebei Meishen Chemical Technologies Group supply numerous industries dedicated magnesium oxide, can realize the certain functions of diverse industries. Concentrate on magnesium sector for decades, think we are much more specialist!

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