Lastest Machine Shop China News

Harley-Davidson CEO: Election Is Damaging the American Brand
Spurred by sales gains in Asia, Europe and Canada due to increased advertising and marketing and new product introductions, overall income rose four.three% year over year, to $ 1.58 billion. Analysts anticipated $ 1.5 billion in sales. &#39A lot of the development internationally is …
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Why the style sector is out of manage
You can now purchase a bikini for the same price as a cappuccino and in Tokyo, guys can get suits from a vending machine. Has our obsession with quickly fashion … Industrial fashion is ubiquitous: &quotAt airports, you can acquire luxury leather goods that price more …
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Funds making: A short history of currency from the British Museum
In numerous methods, this is a substantial alter in the way funds is developed, not least due to the fact a Bank of England banknote will survive a spin in the washing machine for the very first time. Even so, there are a lot of other revolutionary developments in the way …
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Moment in time
Former resident and 1926 Grandview graduate Frank &quotDude&quot Higgs is shown in 1943 with a wartime worker in the course of a pay a visit to to a Curtiss Wright machine shop, which was assembling parts for Globe War II aircraft. Higgs graduated from Ohio State … Higgs was …
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