Five Cases in the Selection of CNC Cutting Machine

Five Instances in the Choice of CNC Cutting Machine

First, cutting accuracy
For the building business, the basic cutting requirement is significantly less than .5mm the requirement on the auto mirror is significantly less than .01mm and the cutting thick of steel plate should be as thin as possible. Now the cutting accuracy supplied by numerous machinery companies is generally much less than . 2mm, but it can’t be judged by the introduction of the item manual, and there ought to be a complete set of test procedures to test the cutting accuracy in the acceptance, to measure the actual cutting accuracy, we generally have a dozen test sample surfaces. We can totally manage the flatness of the cutting platform, manage program and the synchronization level and according to the test.

Second, the cutting speed
We can not speak about the speed till we can meet the cutting precision, due to the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether or not it is the highest speed with eyes. So we can take benefit of the cutting machine servo drive with software simulation function to see whether the speed of the motor is at the highest speed. Each and every axis can be tested separately, but also can be tested simultaneously.

Third, the automation of cutting machine
At the edge of the CNC cutting machine, considering processing charges and the specific types of volumes chip, which needs the operation of cutting machine is basic, simple to comprehend and not as well complex, otherwise it will trigger the embarrassing situation that we can afford the machine but cannot feed the machine, such as So the producers need to make some researches to locate out the simple and high-effective operation mode.

Fourth, simple maintenance
The signal and the mechanical sensors are unnecessary to be equipped to considerably, and the switches and indicator lights ought to be as less as possible, since the fault in a mechanical device will influence the use of the cutting machine, and the fewer parts will bring low probability of fault, in addition, the modest quantity of lines is convenient to uncover fault and replace the components, so it is the best that will be able to debug the I / signal state on the screen. The maintenance price is a critical element that ought to be regarded as in the acquire of machinery.

Fifth, save power
We should select the cutting machine with less power consumption when they can comprehensive the specifications of the very same cutting size, and which will bring a lot of advantages to the enterprise. Initial, protect the atmosphere, save energy second, save the day-to-day costs. is an integrative enterprise of R&ampD, production and management. It is a director unit of China Creating Metals Construction Association of Ministry of Building and became the profession normal drafter of national aluminum processing in June,1998. Furthermore, its product have gained the honor of “Chinese Renowned Solution”.


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