Crankshaft Rebuilds

Crankshaft Rebuilds

Motorcycle Machine Shop Services provides a total line of crank shaft rebuilding solutions for all models and years of Harley Davidson’s and right after-market place V-twin engines. As lengthy as bearings and races are obtainable we are able to rebuild units to new specifications.

Cylinder Head Porting

Peterson Machine

We select to use the Peterson (left) due to the fact this rigid machine is identified for its heaviness and durability.

* Machine value spring pockets for oversize springs

* Machine valve seat pockets

* Re-machine value guide bores and finish worth seats to distinct efficiency specifications.

Cylinder Head Porting Station

Our committed cylinder head porting station (below) is acquiring prepared to clean up the intake and exhaust ports on a pair of 883 heads.

Cylinder Boring &amp Honing

Sunnen Honing Machine

All cylinders are completed by hand with torque plates to factory requirements employing this Sunnen honing machine.

124 S&ampS cylinder becoming measured up to get prepared to be bored and honed to the next regular size.

On occasion we stray on the dark side boring Kawasaki cylinders for a huge bore it is.

Energy Stroke Honing Machine

Power stroke honing machine with Sunnen finger friction head. In procedure of honing a pair of 95 CI twin cam cylinders.

A S&ampS 124 cylinder (above) being set up to bore and to receive a sleeve so it can be brought back to factory specifications


We manufacture a full line of sprockets for wide tire applications for all models of Harley Davidson.

Valves, Guides, &amp Seats

Our manual worth guide and seat station is set up with seven different machines to do all models and years of Harley Davidson’s. We are also government licensed for all air cooled aircraft cylinders.

Machining a set of Shovel Heads to set up compression releases. Compression releases can be installed in most models and years of Harley Davidson and other V-twin style engines.

A set of shovel heads becoming machined to convert to dual plugs.

Motorcycle Machine Shop Services is a complete service Shovelhead rebuilding, Harley crankshaft machine shop specializing in Harley Davidson motorcycle engines and aftermarket components. We have serviced our customers in the higher Ft Lauderdale region considering that 1990.

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