Spokane Industries Precision Investment Castings Division

Spokane Industries Precision Investment Castings Division

Manufacturing Design Engineers usually specify machining metal components out of stock material that in practicality would be much more expense successful and efficiently developed as an Investment Casting. This happens because of the familiarity and abundance of machining facilities compared to the less understood benefits and comparatively small quantity of Investment Casting operations. Similarly, parts developed as fabrications are often nicely suited to conversion to castings. In that never ever-ending quest to boost efficiencies and lower charges, firms are discovering the worth Investment Castings can bring to their item lines.

SPOKANE INDUSTRIES, via our Precision Investment Castings Division, specializes in bringing near net shape casting production to the marketplace. SPOKANE PRECISION CASTINGS can reduce dimensional tolerances with out machining or other subcontracting methods so that you might have a completed item ready for speedy assembly. Have been in a position to generate components that weigh as little as a few grams up to 80 pounds. In many circumstances, injecting multiple pieces or many distinct parts in a single die saves further operations and reduces expenses.

SPOKANE PRECISION CASTINGS gives an virtually endless array of alloys. Precipitation Hardening Alloys, Carbon Steels, Low Alloy, 17-four, Tool Steels, Silicon Brass, 300 and 400 Series Stainless Steels, and most other air melts are frequent. We provide an endless quantity of industrial applications from the dental, military, meals, automotive, and oil industries, to name a couple of. Our actual forte is to get involved at the engineering genesis by taking several metal elements that could currently be machined or fabricated and design them with each other. We can then generate a single close to net shape casting. This eliminates multiple operations, saves cash, time and power – to bring savings to the bottom line for our buyers.

Converting fabrications to castings brings a multitude of advantages to a manufacturer. Investment Castings can oftentimes be created significantly stronger, with significantly less material, producing less weight and at the exact same time reduce failure prices. In addition, exactly where there are numerous components making a fabrication, a single casting can typically times be created to do the complete job. This outcomes in assembly time savings, decrease overhead, simplified workflow and improves uniformity and aesthetics.

SPOKANE PRECISION CASTINGS workforce is hugely cross-educated. Employees are encouraged to move from division to department throughout our production locations exactly where strong visual and written controls facilitate process standardization. SPOKANE PRECISION CASTINGS has implemented Lean Manufacturing processes where continuous improvement is ongoing and reducing variables eventually drives reduced charges.

SPOKANE PRECISION CASTINGS is augmented by in-property capabilities which includes machining, complete dimensional layout, x-ray, spectrometer and Non-Destructive Testing of mechanical properties. We also execute Magnetic Particle Inspection, liquid penetrant and make use of heat-treat facilities both internally and contractually.

SPOKANE PRECISION CASTINGS has been for 18 years portion of the Spokane Industries family. Because 1952 SPOKANE INDUSTRIES, its parent company, has been in the foundry. This offers full access to a massive and diversified engineering department with the most current in CAD/CAM and Flow Test Evaluation. We accept as effectively a massive array of electonic files as well as your CAD/CAM files so that we can quickly prototype and meet your specifications and schedules.

Jeff Kuntz, Spokane Precision Castings Production Manager states, SPOKANE PRECISION CASTINGS has been working with industries from military grade castings ” like Class II Armor Certified, to dental gear castings with high esthetic appeal. Were accustomed to making quantities that variety from low volume/higher assortment to commodity goods that range up to 80 thousand Investment Castings each month. Our goal is to exceed the customers expectations at every single opportunity.

The combination of our in-residence capabilities along with some regional strategic partners support us stand alone in the marketplace and adds to our capability to help our consumers meet their ever altering demands. Beginning with our consumers drawings and vision, we strive to meet all of your Investment Casting wants.

Bottom line ” quicker R &amp D, initial articles get to you quicker and in the end saves you time and income. Isnt that what its really all about?

As you investigate options for your Investment Casting requirements, uncover all of your Precision Investment Castings options at Spokane Precision Castings. Quality, diversity, timeliness – the bottom line in Top quality Precision Investment Castings.

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