Cutting Speed and Feed-Its significance in Precision Machining of the metal components –

Cutting Speed and Feed-Its significance in Precision Machining of the metal components –

The term ” cutting speed,” as applied to machine tools,indicates the cutting performed by the tool
edge, in a offered time. Or the material cut by the tool in a given time, would measure if extended in a straight line. The term ” feed,” as applied to a machine tool, means the thickness of the reduce or shaving taken by the tool.

Planing machines being constructed so that their tables run at a offered and unchangeable speed, their cutting speed is fixed. The operator has only, therefore, to consider
the query of the amount of feed to be provided to the tool at a cut. Which may possibly be placed at a maximum by maintaining the tool as stout as possible in proportion to its operate, producing it as challenging as its strength will permit, and fastening it so that its cutting edge will be as close to the tool post as situations will permit.

It is only when we treat of lathe work that the queries of feed and speed assume their true significance. Due to the fact there is no component of the turner’s art in which so great a variation of
practice exists or is attainable, no element of his art so intricate and deceptive, and none requiring so significantly judgment, perception, and watchfulness. A single cause being the nature of
the perform to be performed may render peculiar circumstances of speed and feed needed. Also because a tool may appear to the unpracticed Or even to the seasoned eye, to be carrying out exceptional duty, when it is really falling far short of the duty it is capable of performing.

For all operate which is so slight as to be quite liable to spring from the force of the reduce, for function to execute which a tool slight in body have to be used, and in circumstances where the tool has to
take out a sweep or round a corner which has a break in it, a light or fine feed must be employed. And it is as a result advisable to let the cutting speed be as quick as the tool
will stand. But beneath all ordinary situations, a maximum of tool feed rather than of lathe speed will carry out the greatest quantity of operate in a provided time.

A keen tool, employed with a rapid speed and fine feed, will reduce off thin shaving with a rapidity really pleasing to the eye, but equally as deceptive to the judgment for under such a higher rate of cutting speed, the tool will not stand either a deep cut or a coarse feed and the enhance in the depth of reduce and in the feed of the tool, obtainable by the employment of a
slower lathe speed, a lot more than compensates for the reduction of lathe speed essential to their attainment. For more particulars go to –

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