Precision machining of acrylic and other plastics

Precision machining of acrylic and other plastics

Carville offer CNC plastic machining services and specialise in the heat therapy and precision machining of acrylic and other engineering grade plastics. Acrylic material is also referred to as Perspex, Plexiglas or Polycast.
The Carville manufacturing enterprise was founded in 1928 and Carville began to create each machined and fabricated acrylic parts and assemblies in the 1930’s. Carville’s earlier manufacturing solutions have been focused on the automotive and aerospace industries.
Carville are a UK primarily based manufacturing organization and have over 80 years knowledge in the precision machining of acrylic and other plastics. Carville generate all of our machined plastic components at our manufacturing facility in Dorking, Surrey.
Carville’s organization concentrate is to provide our consumers with a higher level of service and to create custom plastic parts that will execute well in the end applications. These services can contain project management, item improvement, prototyping and full production volume manufacturing.
Carville have been supplying contract manufacturing solutions for more than 80 years and we supply to customers throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. Carville operate scheduled delivery agreements with a quantity of our larger consumers. These schedule agreements let Carville to generate plastic parts and plastic components in advance and to ship these to our end customer’s production facilities from our completed stock.
Carville are a business to enterprise service provider. The philosophy at Carville is to produce precision machined plastic components and plastic elements that are right to the customer’s specifications, are delivered on time and are competitively priced.


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