Sweetone India established in 1957, is India’s top manufacturer of Brass Eyelets , Tags, Eyeleted Tags and Wire Terminals, Fuse holders, Turned Pins, Speaker Tags, Cable Ends, Pc Peripherals and a variety of other sheet metal components.
Our team of engineers and technicians undertake new developments and study on a typical basis. Our employees is seasoned, effective and qualified to carry out critical and essential operations with satisfactory benefits.
We have manufacturing proficiency in precision components in sheet metal such as brass, mild steel, phosphor bronze, copper and so on. and distinct finishes like Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Tin etc.
We use sophisticated machinery to give us output to satisfy the production volumes demanded by the business nowadays. We are a multi-product group with an annual capacity to create approximately 10 billion pieces, manufactured on automatic machines, supervised by highly skilled technicians.
These days our track record puts us at a very respectable position in the market providing us a reputation of quality item companies. We have our dealer and clients spanning the whole length and breadth of the country. We provide items to numerous government and private investigation and style facilities and support them come up with the most current and the greatest in terms of technologies. Manufacturing products to customer specifications is our specialty. Our merchandise have been accepted in the international industry by way of our dealers and customers to their utmost satisfaction, and direct export projects are in the pipeline.
Our Hot Products are:
*Auto fuse clip
Employed on PCB, supplying to main inverter producers all over India, also known as auto fuse clip.
*Fuse Clip
Fuse clip popularly recognized as fuse four, employed in fuse holder
*Fuse holder
Mounted on PCB i. e clip used in PCB fuse holder: We have created this solution for significant industries in India utilised in household appliances, mechanical instruments, communication devices, solar panels and so forth…
*Horn clip
Commonly utilized in Automobile horns as a six.4 male make contact with Tag
*Igniters tag: Utilized as make contact with tag, tale igniter of high voltage, floods light
 BR 7
Used in terminals strips for phone Jack
 VCT 19
Employed in Buster &amp Amplifier for speakers &amp Other Audio Devices
Sweetone Industries is COMMITED to aid different industries connected with electrical, automobile electrical and consumer electronics by collective engineering and research to develop import substitutes to things such as wire harness, fuse holders, brass sleeves, terminals, tags and other sheet metal components and their assemblies.
Our infrastructure is equipped to give volumes anticipated by today’s market. Compound tools and dies make certain that highest levels of precision and accuracy are maintained. An effective and experienced staff offers back up for our R&ampD facilities. Our current range involves Eyelets, Tags, PCB Terminal, six.3 female terminal, Eyeleted Tags, Cable Ends, Terminals, Wire Terminals ,Wire Harness Terminals and Electronic Elements/Hardware and their assemblies. Provided our endeavor towards automation diverse technologies like pneumatic and electro controls have been implemented to supply a high volume production base with utmost precision and accuracy.
We are effectively equipped. in terms of infrastructure and technology to provide components and sub assemblies to companies of most recent merchandise be it in consumer electronics or info media like computers and mobile phones
Hr policy: We are committed to offer a friendly ,harmonious and homely environment to our staff , ensuring their personal growth ,which benefits in progressive and contended organization.

The author is the principal chair person of the firm, and posting post to complete fill the needed buyers, with adequate info

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