What is Angle Iron used for?

What is Angle Iron used for?

Angle iron, also referred to as L bar, angle bar, or L beam, is a barb made of metal and is folded lengthways at a ninety degree angle. These bars are used in the building and construction industry to proffer structural support to buildings and homes. They are also used to stabilize shelves, beams in addition to furniture. Angle iron is obtained in diverse lengths, colours, sizes, and materials. The type and size of angle iron which you settle for depends on the sort of project you wish to undertake, the weight of matter that you want it to support, and the site that it is being placed within the building. Angle iron plays a major in the construction industry.

We export most of the angle iron to companies based in America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. These companies come to us due to the prices that we offer. If you can make a comparison of angle iron prices from other parts of the world, you will find that our prices are comparable to none. This is the reason why all these firms that are based outside China come to us for their angle iron orders. We ship your order as fast as we can whether it is huge or small. We offer a wide range of mild steel and this you can find out from our steel section page as you browse our site.

The standard angle iron that we sell is usually made of steel, and it provides a tough support. Angle iron sizes are different, and there is a standard decree that a long angle iron is able to hold and sustain more weight. This means that a longer angle iron is better than a shorter one. The number of attachment holes in the angle iron can also vary. The oval holes are thumped in standard intervals on the angle iron length. The spacing of the holes is usually one inch distance to allow for constant weight distribution. This type of angle iron is used in garage and commercial shelving and is fastened by using bolts and nuts which are put on the holes.

Steel is the main material for making angle iron. You can also find angle iron that is made of aluminum or brass. This usually depends on the customer’s specifications. Other metals that are used in making angle iron are bronze, titanium, copper, stainless steel, and several others. Angle iron shapes are diverse and we are in a position to custom make your angle iron as per your specifications. Some shapes that are common include; curves, hemmed edges, beveled edges, unequal legs length, and many others. The angle iron angle that is usually 90 degrees can be changed. Visit our site today and get a quotation for angle iron of your choice, we are here to serve you!

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